Your belief system will determine what you think is possible. 
The #1 mistake almost everyone makes is thinking your thoughts are just thoughts. What you think about yourself will determine your destiny. The energy you give out in way of thoughts and actions must be the vibrational match you want to receive. 
Here is an example.... 
You may be living pay cheque to pay cheque and because of this you don't feel worthy or good enough. You have disappointment and worry when you look at your bank account each time. 

What type of energy is that?  This is negative, worry and disappointment energy.

This type of energy is your vibrational match and that is the energy the universe is sending back to you. This is why each time you try to get a head of the bills or save a bit of money, something breaks down or an expense suddenly pops up. 

Did You Know You Can Change This In An Instant? 
A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. When you choose a new thought a shift will occur and you can choose again. When you notice fearful thoughts, notice the fear and ask yourself how does this make me feel right now? 

Forgive the thought and celebrate the shift you are now making by choosing again. 

Do You Struggle With Any Of These...

  • You lack confidence and wish you had the same as others
  • You worry about the lack of money
  • If you were prettier or skinnier maybe you would be more successful
  • You have no extra money for any extras 
  • You're overwhelmed with life
  • You have limiting beliefs but you have never really faced them
  • You live with inside disappointment when you look at your bank account
  • You feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster each and every month
  • You play the comparison game with yourself and other people

If you answered yes To Any Of These Then you need A breakthrough and here's why... 

  • Your lack of confidence is now noticed by your kids, family and friends 
  • You're still worrying about money all the time and now it's keeping you up at night 
  • Your bank account continues to decline but people around you are living their best life
  • Your car breaks down and you have no extra money to get it fixed. Now what?
  • Prices inflate and you have to cut back on things because you can't afford everything now
  • You're still overwhelmed and now your body is reacting to the stress by getting sick more often 
  • You worry about the lack of money every day because when you get paid, it goes right back out!
  • You're still living on an emotional roller coaster
Hey! We're Karyn Medeiros and Jennifer Greenspan. We're best friends who work together as Manifesting Coaches and have now written 3 books available on Amazon.

We have been studying manifesting and practicing gratitude for the last decade and it has completely changed our families lives. We've coached thousands of women over the years and witnessed massive shifts in them.  

Our mission is to help as many women as we can attract more abundance into their lives and experience more breakthroughs to truly live a wealthy, healthy and abundant life.

A Decade Ago Our Lives Were Completely Different...  
Yes, we live an incredible life at this very moment but it always wasn't like that. 

Jennifer being a stay at home mom of 2, living on the income of just her husband, wanted more. Felt there was more for her, but felt stuck in the negative not good enough mentality.

Karyn would wait in cash money lines each week to ask for a cash advance because her paycheque didn't cover all her groceries and rent payment. 

Her car broke down more times than you can even imagine. She was stuck in an abusive relationship and couldn't leave because she had zero money to live. 

 Until they decided they wanted and deserved a better life. 
 Everything that is meant for you comes through your imagination.
Everything that you imagine is not a dream. It's put in your imagination by design. God / the universe / your higher being has placed it there for you. The question is, are you going to make it happen or let that imagination/wish/dream slip away?

I Closed 5 Sales In One Week!

"After completing everything Karyn + Jen taught me I closed 5 sales in just one week. This was huge for me, because it wasn't something I was ever able to accomplish before. 

My phone has never been busier and I can't thank Karyn and Jen enough!"

Ethel M.

I Manifested $5,000 in days! 

"Holy crap it works! I manifested that $5,000 I told you girls about and to find me a new job! 

The money came to me today and tomorrow I have my interview for my dream job. 

Valerie M.

 What if all you had to do was change your energy?

Vibrational energy, certain emotions and thought patterns such as joy, peace and acceptance create high frequency vibrations, while other feelings and mindsets (such as anger, despair, and fear) vibrate at a lower frequency. 

The energy you send out is the energy that is sent back to you. PERIOD

Have you ever stubbed your toe, then spill your coffee and now you're late for work all in a matter of minutes?

That is energy reacting to you. 

You can change that energy in a moment. It's that easy! 

Releasing negative energy, anger and resentment can open up The flood gates of abundance

One of the steps that most people miss or feel they don't need to work on is limiting beliefs. 

When you reflect and release your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, you unlock your power to more abundance.

Well, Now It's Up To You To Start Living The Life You Have Dreamed About Living...

BREAKTHROUGH: Unlock Your Powers In Manifesting

Breakthrough is a video series including 22 lessons that are easily accessible on a phone, tablet or computer. You will have life time access and can go at your own pace.  

Here Is What You Get Immediately Inside the BREAKTHROUGH...


How To Shift Your Mindset

In this module we breakdown the biggest misconception that manifesting is something you do. Manifesting is happening inside you each day. When you re-program your brain and believe you can tap into it at any given point in time, you will start to see massive shifts.


Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs

Limiting belief comes in many forms, fears, egos, sins, guilts, judgments and criticism. When you are not aware of facing your limiting beliefs they takes up residence in every aspect of your life. 
When you face your limiting beliefs they unlock your powers for more miracles and a major shift in your life will begin to happen.



Everything is energy. Our thoughts, feelings and desires are energy. The universe doesn't know what is good or bad, positive or negative energy. It simply matches your energy. So what you give out is just what you will get back. When you are able to tap into positive, abundant energy, this is where the magic happens. 



Your joy, happiness and peace should be your highest priority. You have the power to shift your life. The more joy you embody the more you allow inspiration to flow through you, the more powerful you will serve others. The greatest gift we can give is our positive higher self.



Everything that you imagine is not a dream. It's put in your imagination by design. God / the universe / your higher being has placed it there for you. You need to use your imagination as a tool to propel you to the life you want to live.



One of the strongest elements when co-creating the life you desire is to live in gratitude. When you are grateful for what you have the more of it you will create. Gratitude connects you to your super power!



This step is one of the most important to learn and it's really one of the easiest. 



While you are on this journey, please give yourself grace, practice patience, learn acceptance and find fulfillment, joy, and love during the process. The universe knows not good or bad, positive, or negative, it only knows energy, and the energy you are putting out is what you will receive. Be open and ready to receive and watch for the signs that the universe is listening.

PLUS receive these 3 BONUSES to help generate unstoppable momentum in your life.



There are specific things you must do when creating a vision board, and these specific things are what most people do not do or are not even aware of. When you implement these specific things when creating your vision board, you will begin to see that vision board come to life.
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Bonus #2:


There are specific things you must do when creating a vision board, and these specific things are what most people do not do or are not even aware of. When you implement these specific things when creating your vision board, you will begin to see that vision board come to life.
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Bonus #3:


Print these affirmations out to help you raise your self love and powerful, positive vibrational energy.
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What If I Have Tried Manifesting Before And It Didn't Work?
That is the problem, manifesting isn't something you do once, you are constantly doing it. The lessons you learn here are to help you tap into your subconscious mind and to create constant ongoing manifestations. 
What Do I Do If My Spouse Is Totally Negative And Doesn't Want To Make Changes Even If I Do?
Making a decision to better yourself or to believe in miracles isn't one you make because someone else doesn't want to believe that way. When you change, you inspire others to change.
What If I Don't Have A Computer To Access Breakthrough?
Don't need one. A smartphone is smart enough 😉




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